Fides et Ratio

In his 1998 encyclical, Fides et Ratio, John Paul II rightly argues that not only are Faith and Reason compatible with one another, but necessary partners: faith without reason leads to superstition, reason without faith leads to relativism and nihilism. I find myself absolutely committed to both faith and reason, to ruthlessly seek to trust Jesus in all things and to ruthlessly seek truth.

It should become clear rather quickly that I'm not a trained theologian or philosopher, but a couple of friends noted once that I'm a guy who likes to think. I think that's an accurate description so I've adopted and adapted it: I'm just one man, thinking. My name is Matt Parkins, I'm a husband & daddy, christian thinker and creative coder and live in the wonderful city of York, UK.

The following articles are snapshots of where I'm up to on various topics. They should all be considered permenantly incomplete, though embreyonic ones are are noted as such.


The dates specify when the first draft of the outline was complete, but before the article itself was written or completed. Articles that are essentially complete will be marked as such.